What is The Emotional MapConditional ?

Love led us in the first years of our life and forced us to learn to adapt by doing Suppression/rejection,Parts of our authentic, spontaneous self that others don’t accept,Building survival strategies that correspond to how others like us, how they want us to behave and how they want us to be. This set of survival strategies becomes what we call our personality, we empathize with our characters believing that he is who we really are. We forget that once we had a spontaneous self being rejected, denied, ridiculed, and that we also had to deny, reject, and repress it through our personality that we achieve our success in life and build our skills. That is why it is difficult for us to abandon them or parts of them.

We feel the danger of losing our sense of identity, and therefore we are afraid to lose what we have gained through it.- Our personality is our defense system, our set of survival strategies that protect us from the pain, shame, fear, vulnerability, trauma and aggression that we endured as children, prompting us to partially abandon our true identity.Therefore, its function is not to satisfy our needs for love, intimacy, security, because it exists to protect us and nothing else,Our basic needs are to love freely, to accept them because we really have been replaced by the conditional love of our brothers.- We have lost the connection between our personality, our deep needs and our authentic self Our struggles in all our relationships are our frustrated attempts to satisfy what we have lost of those deep needs that our hearts still crave to satisfy,Unless we associate our personality with our authentic self, sometimes called the “inner child” we will not find the security, joy, self-esteem and self-confidence that we are trying to achieve. Identifying these different parts is the emotional map. Each person has a unique emotional map that needs to be identified so that you can find the way of home to your heart.

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